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Fun things for Homeschool – Piano for Quitters Review by Joy Filled Days

I did come away from this series knowing a few tricks for playing using chord progressions, but that was about it. In my opinion, it is for the person who just wants to fool around and make beautiful music in their homes, but not for the person who wants...
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Mathematical Reasoning Level B by Delightful Learning

Mathematical Reasoning B Grade 1, also published by The Critical Thinking Co., is a 264 page, full color, consumable workbook designed to be a core math curriculum or a supplemental resource for grade 1 students. The focus of the book, as the name suggests, is to build math reasoning...
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Writing for 4th Grade – by Petra School

Daily 6-Trait Writing jumps right out of the gate at more of a Level 4 experience rating.
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Drawing USA Presidents Review by Our Side of the Mountain 02

Timberdoodle Review: A Kid’s Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the USA – by Our Side of the Mountain

My oldest son (12) is TOTALLY into American history, but he's not that interested in drawing, and my daughter (9) LOVES to draw in her free time, but she's not into history. So, when Timberdoodle sent me How to Draw the Life and Times of Grover Cleveland to...
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Settlers from My Life on a Taffy Pull

Settlers of America-Review – by Carissa of My Life on a Taffy Pull

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited Chocolate Taffy was to try out this game! He read the entire instruction manual on-line so he would be prepared to play when the game arrived!
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