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Kim of Is There A Bathroom On This Ship?

I am mom to 2 boys, 2 rescued dogs (1 Australian Shepherd and 1 basenji mix), and 1 rescued Russian Blue cat. I’ve been passionate about organics since early 2002 and became a strict vegetarian in the spring of 2010. Why do you blog? Is There A Bathroom On...

Gabreial of Vintage Indie

Gabreial Wyatt is a daughter of Christ, wife, mother of two sweet boys, a home educator, homemaker and writer. She is the Editor of Vintage Indie since its debut six years ago. She loves supporting the independent community of businesses, entrepreneurs and the like. Her personal passions include educating her...
Delightful Learning

Michelle of Delightful Learning

YHVH's Maidservant. Follower of Yeshua. Helpmeet. Mama. Sister. Friend. Torah Lover. Commandment Keeper. Homebirther. Breastfeeder. Homeschooler. Photographer. Scrapbooker. Reader. Thinker. Tea Drinker.