Kristy of Little Natural Cottage

I’m a second generation homeschooler AND Timberdoodle customer! 🙂 I’m 30 yrs old. I’m brand new at homeschooling… feeling a bit overwhelmed, actually. I LOVE to blog and share what I’m learning with other mamas. Why do you blog? I blog to share what I’m learning about being a...

Christine of Lily of the Valley

Follower of Christ. Helpmate. Mommy to four blessings. Health Seeker. Homemaker. Natural Birth Enthusiast. Avid Reader. Bargain Hunter. Home Educator. Why do you blog? It has been a delight to meet friends via blogging. I hope to be an encouragement to other young mothers, and I am so thankful...
Michelle of A Life Better Than I Deserve

Michelle of A Life Better Than I Deserve

I am a former English teacher. I helped edit Literary Lessons From the Lord of the Rings by Amelia Harper, and I am a contributor to The Curiosity Files unit studies.
Love 2 Learn 2Day

Cindy of love2learn2day

I love being with my children and seeing them learn. I've homeschooled for different reasons at different times over the past ten years: the special needs of gifted children, large public school class sizes, freedom to learn how/when/where we choose, the fun and creative opportunities available to homeschoolers, etc.
Day By Day In Our World Button

Laura of Day By Day in Our World

We began homeschooling the boys after we had problems with my eldest son in school. Some of the issues present then are still present now, but we are fully active in his life with no question about what he is learning (or not.) While we do not want to...
April of Heartfelt Homeschooling button

April of Eclectic Montage

April is the helpmate to Scott and blessed mother of four beautiful children ranging in age from 20 to 11: one girl and three boys. She teaches English online to university students and homeschools her two youngest boys. They make their home in North Carolina where April enjoys reading,...
Faith, Family & Fun

Heather of Faith, Family & Fun

I enjoy being a wife, mom and stepmom. We have a nice dog and crazy cat and I can never have enough food for my crew. Sometimes I feel like a procurement officer or something. Life is going very fast and I--usually--am enjoying it very much!
Joy In Our Journey

Julieanne of Joy In Our Journey

Julieanne of Joy In Our Journey I resigned from 5 years of public school teaching in 1995, a few months after marrying my best friend, Elmer, so I could have more time to be at home without grading papers and lesson planning! Worked at an educational office for several...