Knot So Fast! by Bacon Tidbits

This game is pulled out usually twice a day, and is a big hit with our oldest kids, and will be for our girls in the years to come as well.

Chess Solitaire Review by Briana – I Can’t Decide

It is simple, easy, great for teaching kids how to play chess. ... I think this game would be perfect for car rides, picnics, or just about anywhere.
Solitaire Chess by Thinkfun

Solitaire Chess Reviews

Sharpen Your Skills with Solitaire Chess If you want to sharpen your chess skills but all your friends are chess connoisseurs, ThinkFun Solitaire Chess was made for you. You must eliminate all of the pieces from the game board except one, using only traditional chess moves… Read the rest...
Knot So Fast

Knot So Fast by Thinkfun – Reviews

Knot-tying is a critical skill for firefighters, fishermen, and physicians. Not just a valuable skill, knot-tying helps develop spatial awareness and manual dexterity in children…