Purpllinker Review by Live, Learn, Love

I like the portability of the Purpllinker and the imaginative fun it can produce.

Learning with a Purpllinker by Crafts-N-Things for Children

I found this to be perfect for my son since he has been so into alphabet, number, and shape activities since he was about 18 months old and this provides a fresh, exciting way to keep him interested!

Timberdoodle Review – Purpllinker by A Full Heart

Intended for ages 3 and up, and included in Timberdoodle's Preschool Curriculum, every single one of my children love to "fidget" with it. It gets carried in the car, played with during read-alouds, used for quiet time, and occasionally confiscated as it attempts to be used as a...

Purpllinker: A Timberdoodle Review by Creative Learning Fun

A Purpllinker can be used to work on small muscle memory and fine motor skills.. For a child with motor skill difficulties and some developmental delay, this is a great activity to help build and practice these motor skills.

Purpllinker: A Great Learning Tool for Children of all Ages! by Lily of the Valley

My favorite feature of the Purpllinker is that it is very portable. I can easily carry it in my purse, and keep my four-year-old productively occupied.
Timberdoodle Purpllinker In Car

Purpllinker Reviews

Builds Small Muscle Memory and Fine-motor Skills Looking much like great grandpa’s old-fashioned carpenter’s ruler, but smaller, softer, safer, and easier to maneuver, the child-friendly Purpllinker, with its seven arms, will hold its shape, allowing your child to create the entire alphabet. By forming letters with the Purpllinker, your...