Thinking Skills

Block Builders Architecture Review by Bow of Bronze

As he plays he is learning to problem solve, think spatially, and balance objects with care. Fat Brain Toys always teach through play and that is a concept I love.

Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Review by My Life on a Taffy Pull

To make things more interesting I suggested she move around a little in the book to keep things fresh and exciting. That did the trick!

Morphology {A Timberdoodle Review} by Delightful Learning

Morphology is Timberdoodle's 2011 Game of the Year and when offered a chance to review it, I was game to find out why!

Timberdoodle: Critical Thinking Co’s Visual Perceptual Skill Building by Homeschooling, Autism, & “Stuff”

This workbook is a big help for our needs and I recommend it to others who desire to work on strengthening areas of visual perception.

Purpllinker Review by Live, Learn, Love

I like the portability of the Purpllinker and the imaginative fun it can produce.

Timberdoodle Review – Bloco Construction Sets – Birds of Prey by Organized Chaos

My boys, who love to build, have been enjoying it. It's a great filler that wont turn their brains to mush.

Review: Bloco Wildcats Construction Set by Afterthoughts

Does She Like It? Yep! She really does!

Timberdoodle Block Builders Review by The Modest Mom

Whether they are actually using the cards or not, I feel it's a great educational toy for them to use that gets their brain thinking!

Learning with a Purpllinker by Crafts-N-Things for Children

I found this to be perfect for my son since he has been so into alphabet, number, and shape activities since he was about 18 months old and this provides a fresh, exciting way to keep him interested!

Buddy Blocks from Timberdoodle Review by Chasing Supermom

These are such great toys for children to begin to develop their hand-eye coordination, critical thinking skills, pattern recognition, and other fine motor movements.
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