Biology 101 Review by Sam’s Noggin

I am not a science person, or at least I wasn’t. Watching these videos makes me realize I could have been into science, if this is what my public school teachers had used.

Product Review: Biology 101 DVD series by Bow of Bronze

I was surprised at how excellent and varied the filming techniques were for this series. Each video covers a vast amount of information in 35-45 minutes.

Timberdoodle: Chemistry 101 Review by In Pursuit of Titus2

Well, to my surprise he not only sat there quietly, he actually processed what the instructor was teaching him. So this was a big plus in my book! Also, to my surprise, my middle son and my younger children all wanted to watch too!

Biology 101–9th Grade, A Review by Petra School

As soon as we started watching Introduction: Defining Life and Life Classifications – I knew I had the missing piece of our puzzle. Our family enjoyed the teacher, his voice and his mannerisms.

All Around the World Sticker Book Review by Chasing Cheerios

This sticker book is perfect to take on vacations and road trips, and it has already traveled through 4 different states and 2 different vacations with us!

Teach Me Book Review: We Dare You! by Vintage Indie

This book is full of fun and more in-depth experiments, over 312 pages worth!

Body of Evidence DVD: The Skeletal System, Cartilage, & Bone by The Traveling Praters

The material is presented in easy to understand language and a laid back style that includes fascinating facts about the human body that I never knew.

Body of Evidence~Integumentary System by Mama Kautz

I LOVE that it was from a Creation Worldview! There was scripture quoted throughout both sessions. The pictures they showed with the different layers of skin were intriguing.

Body of Evidence Video Series (Review) by Debbie’s Homeschool Corner

The instructor speaks slowly and uses both colorful diagrams and models to illustrate concepts. I think a student would learn much more from this format than he or she would from the same material in a textbook.

Review: Body of Evidence by Footprints in the Butter

What did we think? We quite often commented with an, "I didn't know that!" throughout the video.
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