Learning with a Purpllinker by Crafts-N-Things for Children

I found this to be perfect for my son since he has been so into alphabet, number, and shape activities since he was about 18 months old and this provides a fresh, exciting way to keep him interested!

Purpllinker: A Timberdoodle Review by Creative Learning Fun

A Purpllinker can be used to work on small muscle memory and fine motor skills.. For a child with motor skill difficulties and some developmental delay, this is a great activity to help build and practice these motor skills.

Review: Rubbabu Bubble Ball {Timberdoodle} by Books and Bairns

This ball is not only cool to look at, but it adds new layers to simple ball fun. Because of the funky, bubbly shape, it rolls and weaves in all directions when dropped or rolled.

Review ~ LEGO Creationary:Modern Day Pictionary by Day by Day in Our World

I have to say that this game reminds me very much of Pictionary. When it is your turn, you roll the die to see which option on the card you draw will be built.

Bumpie Gertie Ball {Review} by A Baker’s Dozen

It is perfect for little hands to grab, soft enough to throw in the living room with no harm and best of all, is odorless.