A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers, my review…by A Families Love

Overall, we give The Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers a big thumbs up!!! It has great information in a fun and interesting format, with a bit for every learning style and grade, making for happy kids, and it exposes my kids to favorite composers in an easy to...

Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers Review by Our Broken Road

Over all, I think this is a GREAT resource, perfect music for homeschool and makes learning this part of history very easy. There would be little to no planning involved but SOO much learning!!

A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers Timberdoodle Review by Homedaze

There is so much included in this curriculum that I'm not sure you can get all the information the first time through. In fact, I'm pretty sure that you could do it several times and pull more out of it each time.

A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers by Coffeewoman Does It All

I would highly recommend that homeschooling families add this to their curriculum. On further inspection of the book, I know that when my children get older, we can study the book again and learn even more.

Review: A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers by Chatter, Clatter, and Things That Matter

This program is a study of music for homeschoolers, regardless of previous knowledge of the subject. Everything is done for the busy (and intimidated) homeschooling mom. Furthermore, each lesson is completed over a short days three days a week.
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Timberdoodle A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers

A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers Reviews

Understanding Classical Music Is Important If you want to push a hot button, talk to Christians about music. We tend to be all over the map regarding what is appropriate, and wow are we passionate! But even the extremists acknowledge the importance of classical music, both historically and in...
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