Horizon’s Kindergarten Math – My Daughter Loves It! by The Modest Mom blog

This math book teaches a solid beginning in math with these topics: counting, adding, and subtracting single digits, money values, time and days of the week, direction and positions, and shapes with color recognition.

Evan-Moor Daily Word Problems – (Math) ~ A Review by Our Village is a Little Different

This 5 minute (or less) exercise requires the boys to use logic and critical thinking applied to daily life situations, and remind them that yes, they WILL need to use this in real life.

Mathematical Reasoning Level B Review by My Life on a Taffy Pull

I wasn’t sure about the price of this book and if this book alone would be enough for a math curriculum, but I can see that I was wrong on both accounts, well worth the money and plenty enough for a years worth of learning!

Math Reasoning Beginning PreK by Acorns ~ Or Nuggets of Gold

This was very timely, because Littlest really wants to be part of "School", and has loved numbers for quite some time. This is right up his alley, and he wants to do "my math book" or "my school book" most every day!

Mathematical Reasoning Level B by I Can’t Decide

I think Mathematical Reasoning Level B is an easy way to cover first grade math and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to spend time preparing lessons. Just open the book and the student is ready to go!

Mathematical Reasoning Beginning by I Can’t Decide

Mathematical Reasoning has a nice mix of different activities to keep your child turning pages and learning.

Mathematical Reasoning Level B by Candle by Night

We have a math curriculum that we use with Big T and Sweet E already, but it was refreshing to add in something different to the schedule.

Math Reasoning Level C (second grade) by Day by Day in Our World

While some of the material inside was ‘easy’ for him, the scope and sequence was different enough from his regular curriculum that it helped fill in those gaps. The pages are colorful and the material is written so there is no need for a teacher manual. ...
Mathematical Reasoning Beginning

Mathematical Reasoning by Critical Thinking Press – Reviews

Math Isn’t Just Memorization, It’s Thinking Most parents know that a child who only memorizes math facts without really understanding math will find progressively complex concepts more and more difficult to understand. But what they erroneously think is that such problems arise about the time a child is memorizing...
Inchimals by Fat Brain Toys

Inchimals by Fat Brain Toys – Reviews

Teach your preschooler the language of math with Inchimals by Fat Brain Toys! This set of twelve whimsical wooden blocks is taking the home education market by storm. From the one-inch ladybug cube to the twelve-inch giraffe rod, Inchimals are all you'll need to introduce your young child to...