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Big Skills for little hands I Know my Alphabet! Book Review by Crafts-N-Things for children

I would definitely recommend this book for ages 3-5 years old. I would especially recommend this book for those who are worried about their child being ready for kindergarten and what they can help their child work on, as well as a great book for those who are homeschooling...

I Can Cut! Timberdoodle Review by The Adventures of Bear

We love that once the images are cut, there is some more interaction with the pieces (after you cut out a flower, you glue it to a stem; after you cut out the caterpillar's legs, you can make it walk and play with it, etc.).

Sea Turtle~Timberdoodle Review by My Life on a Taffy Pull

Officially it’s called Educo Colorback Sea Turtle Bead Maze. I think that’s a wordy title, but it’s sure a fun learning toy. It’s made with the kind of quality and care that makes it a treasure that can be passed down through all the 2-7 years that grow up...
Bambino By Beyond 123

Bambino by Beyond 123 – Reviews

Hands-On Thinking Skills Program Young children are almost always hands-on learners. That is why your child picks up and touches everything. It may look destructive, but it is how God has programmed him to learn. And because at this age your child will learn more easily using this preferred...
Simply Draw with Bob Parsons

Simply Draw with Bob Parsons Reviews

Draw Simply with Simply Draw Anyone can learn to draw. The question is how hard do you want to make it on yourself. We review drawing programs on a regular basis and absolutely none of them compares to Simply Draw… Read the rest of Timberdoodle’s Review here. Homeschool Drawing...
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Knot So Fast

Knot So Fast by Thinkfun – Reviews

Knot-tying is a critical skill for firefighters, fishermen, and physicians. Not just a valuable skill, knot-tying helps develop spatial awareness and manual dexterity in children…