The Funnest Way to Spell with Sequential Spelling! by The Traveling Sisterhood

he spelling words are related, they're corrected immediately so that the children can learn the correct way to spell and practice them, and children learn words that would seem hard to them at first glance quickly and easily.

Marie’s Words Timberdoodle Review by Homedaze

I have been so impressed with this "little box" of cards. I have loved how easy it was to use and how well it teaches the words.

Homeschool Product Review – Marie’s Words by BLESSED Beyond a Doubt

I was so extremely impressed when I realized Marie’s Words was created by a high school junior preparing for the SAT. I guess that explains why my 2 high schoolers enjoy playing it so much.

A Fun Way to Enhance Your Vocabulary: Marie’s Words Review by Home with Purpose

What a fun way to enhance your vocabulary! The pictures are colorful and clever...they really help you visually connect the words with their meanings!

Marie’s Words–A Timberdoodle Review by Our Busy Homeschool

I love that so much is on the back of each card. The student is not just given a word and definition, they are shown how to use it in a sentence. They are given words that could replace it in a sentence, offering the intrepid linguist...

Marie’s Words: Picture Words – In a Flash! by Marine Corps Nomads

I found myself learning new words as I looked over these cards. The format makes remembering definitions easier. The interesting pictures help cement the definitions into your memory.

Review: Marie’s Words (picture vocabulary cards) by love2learn2day

I have an affinity for the cards. And will use them with my children. This is another tool to add to the learning toolbox.

SAT prep…in Elementary School! by My Life on a Taffy Pull

What a great value! We’ll probably be doing this for years! As the years progress and they become more and more familiar with the definitions, we’ll be able to expand their knowledge by learning the synonyms and antonyms of the words and by playing the suggested games.

Marie’s Words from Timberdoodle by Homeschool Circus

Check out Marie's Words to help expand vocabulary while having fun!

Product Review: Marie’s Words – a game from Timberdoodle by Bow of Bronze

Marie’s Words is a fun game that made us laugh, giggle, snort, and learn. Did I mention we learned?
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