Bloco’s Combat Dragon! Is he fierce or is he friendly? Review by The Traveling Sisterhood

This is the first Bloco toy we've bought, and we can't wait to buy some more! I was impressed with how durable it is--it's not like any other foam toy we've used.

Block Builders Architecture Review by Bow of Bronze

As he plays he is learning to problem solve, think spatially, and balance objects with care. Fat Brain Toys always teach through play and that is a concept I love.

Engino Structures And Bridges Review by Worth a Bowed Head

Lots of pieces and lots of different ways to make them work together. What could be better for a growing boy?

OLLO Action Kit: A Gentle Intro to Robotics {Review} by Mama Jenn

While designed for children ages 8+, my 7 year olds LOVED the kit and had no trouble whatsoever following the directions to make their models!

Engino Mechanical Structures & Bridges – A Timberdoodle Review by Living Life Intentionally

You build things in a modular step-by-step process like with Lego’s. But this is so much more than a toy!

Timberdoodle Review – Bloco Construction Sets – Birds of Prey by Organized Chaos

My boys, who love to build, have been enjoying it. It's a great filler that wont turn their brains to mush.

Review: Bloco Wildcats Construction Set by Afterthoughts

Does She Like It? Yep! She really does!

Timberdoodle Block Builders Review by The Modest Mom

Whether they are actually using the cards or not, I feel it's a great educational toy for them to use that gets their brain thinking!

Review ~ LEGO Creationary:Modern Day Pictionary by Day by Day in Our World

I have to say that this game reminds me very much of Pictionary. When it is your turn, you roll the die to see which option on the card you draw will be built.
Lego Creationary Game

Lego Creationary Game – Reviews

Creationary from LEGO® Games: A new way to play! Introducing LEGO® Games, the world’s first collection of games that you build, play and change. With the unique buildable LEGO Die and changeable rules, Creationary from LEGO Games is a great way of having fun together with family and friends…...
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