Djeco Glitter Art, Our Fave Art Kits Reviewed! by The Traveling Sisterhood

This year, we're using Djeco as our main art curriculum. Djeco won Best Art Supplies of the Year and after using three of their kits so far, I recommend them over any other children's art set.

Djeco Claire’s Oil Pastel Workshop, Love It! by The Traveling Sisterhood

Featuring vivid, charming jungle animal images, Claire's Oil Pastel Workshop is designed by illustrator Claire Rebillard to show how to create colorful art with oil pastels, and yields four works of art that will look magnificent on any wall.

Oil Pastels at their Finest by Djeco review by The Traveling Sisterhood

After reading about them, I was expecting our first one (Djeco Nathalies Oil Pastel Workshop) to be great but it actually exceeded our expectations.

I Can Cut! Timberdoodle Review by The Adventures of Bear

We love that once the images are cut, there is some more interaction with the pieces (after you cut out a flower, you glue it to a stem; after you cut out the caterpillar's legs, you can make it walk and play with it, etc.).
Mozi Esme Button

Jane of Mozi Esme

Why do you blog? We moved to Mozambique when my daughter was 6 weeks old. I chanced upon blogging as a great way to keep friends back home updated on her life. It took off from there as I chronicled the adventures of a world-traveling bebe. It’s tamed down...

Draw the Life and Times of…. by Bacon Tidbits

We had never heard of these resources before, but thought the volume we received was SO cool. What a concept!

Review~ Simply Draw by Day by Day in Our World

Simply Draw’s goal is to help people learn how to do basic drawing.
A Kid's Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the USA reviews

A Kid’s Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the USA – Reviews

Art + History Draw your way through American history with the most amazing supplement we have ever offered, A Kid’s Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the United States of America. Available for the first time to homeschool families, these forty-two library-bound, fact-filled volumes provide not only rich biographical...
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Simply Draw with Bob Parsons

Simply Draw with Bob Parsons Reviews

Draw Simply with Simply Draw Anyone can learn to draw. The question is how hard do you want to make it on yourself. We review drawing programs on a regular basis and absolutely none of them compares to Simply Draw… Read the rest of Timberdoodle’s Review here. Homeschool Drawing...
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