The Funnest Way to Spell with Sequential Spelling! by The Traveling Sisterhood

he spelling words are related, they're corrected immediately so that the children can learn the correct way to spell and practice them, and children learn words that would seem hard to them at first glance quickly and easily.

Usborne Sticker Soldiers, Great Little-Boy History Fun from Timberdoodle! by The Traveling Sisterhood

Even I learned quite a lot from this book. As for my son, he learned a ton and gained more of an interest in history.

Horizon’s Kindergarten Math – My Daughter Loves It! by The Modest Mom blog

This math book teaches a solid beginning in math with these topics: counting, adding, and subtracting single digits, money values, time and days of the week, direction and positions, and shapes with color recognition.

Kumon Folding Books Review by Mama Smiles

Each page tells a little story that engages kids’ narrations skills and gets them thinking. This means that this workbook is actually not a great quiet time activity, but it does make for excellent one-on-one parent-child time.

A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers, my review…by A Families Love

Overall, we give The Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers a big thumbs up!!! It has great information in a fun and interesting format, with a bit for every learning style and grade, making for happy kids, and it exposes my kids to favorite composers in an easy to...

Wordsmith Apprentice Writing Curriculum by Common Sense Press by Bow of Bronze

Here is what my son Jonathan (age 11) has to say: “I like Wordsmith. It is a fun and interactive way to learn writing. I like how they make it fun by adding a story to it and I like how they let you write about whatever you want.

Wordsmith Apprentice Review by Home Grown Hearts Academy

It didn't just ask my daughter to write 'such and such'. It taught my daughter the skills to be able to write and to do it independently. Not to forget, it has wonderful comic sections. My daughter, being more of the visual type learner, really enjoyed these sections.

Timberdoodle Review — Wordsmith Apprentice Review by Ben and Me

Wordsmith Apprentice begins with the basics of writing -- parts of speech, and moves quickly into writing good sentences, and finally paragraphs. The creative ways in which it teaches really grabbed Ben from the beginning.

Jumpstart Your Reluctant Writer With Wordsmith Apprentice by Our Village is a Little Different

The editor teaches them all of the fundamentals that they will need in order to become great newspaper employees. I dare say it is almost like a game.

I Can Paste Toddler Big Skills for Little Hands Review by Tots and Me

I think this is a great way to have children practice gluing. They are creating lovely pictures, working on counting and are improving fine motor skills.
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