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Bloco’s Combat Dragon! Is he fierce or is he friendly? Review by The Traveling Sisterhood

This is the first Bloco toy we've bought, and we can't wait to buy some more! I was impressed with how durable it is--it's not like any other foam toy we've used.

Djeco Glitter Art, Our Fave Art Kits Reviewed! by The Traveling Sisterhood

This year, we're using Djeco as our main art curriculum. Djeco won Best Art Supplies of the Year and after using three of their kits so far, I recommend them over any other children's art set.

Usborne Sticker Soldiers, Great Little-Boy History Fun from Timberdoodle! by The Traveling Sisterhood

Even I learned quite a lot from this book. As for my son, he learned a ton and gained more of an interest in history.

Djeco Claire’s Oil Pastel Workshop, Love It! by The Traveling Sisterhood

Featuring vivid, charming jungle animal images, Claire's Oil Pastel Workshop is designed by illustrator Claire Rebillard to show how to create colorful art with oil pastels, and yields four works of art that will look magnificent on any wall.

Oil Pastels at their Finest by Djeco review by The Traveling Sisterhood

After reading about them, I was expecting our first one (Djeco Nathalies Oil Pastel Workshop) to be great but it actually exceeded our expectations.

Block Builders Architecture Review by Bow of Bronze

As he plays he is learning to problem solve, think spatially, and balance objects with care. Fat Brain Toys always teach through play and that is a concept I love.

Engino Structures And Bridges Review by Worth a Bowed Head

Lots of pieces and lots of different ways to make them work together. What could be better for a growing boy?

All Around the World Sticker Book Review by Chasing Cheerios

This sticker book is perfect to take on vacations and road trips, and it has already traveled through 4 different states and 2 different vacations with us!

OLLO Action Kit: A Gentle Intro to Robotics {Review} by Mama Jenn

While designed for children ages 8+, my 7 year olds LOVED the kit and had no trouble whatsoever following the directions to make their models!

Engino Mechanical Structures & Bridges – A Timberdoodle Review by Living Life Intentionally

You build things in a modular step-by-step process like with Lego’s. But this is so much more than a toy!
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