2-4 Years

Kumon Folding Books Review by Mama Smiles

Each page tells a little story that engages kids’ narrations skills and gets them thinking. This means that this workbook is actually not a great quiet time activity, but it does make for excellent one-on-one parent-child time.

I Can Paste Toddler Big Skills for Little Hands Review by Tots and Me

I think this is a great way to have children practice gluing. They are creating lovely pictures, working on counting and are improving fine motor skills.

Big Skills for little hands I Know my Alphabet! Book Review by Crafts-N-Things for children

I would definitely recommend this book for ages 3-5 years old. I would especially recommend this book for those who are worried about their child being ready for kindergarten and what they can help their child work on, as well as a great book for those who are homeschooling...

I Can Cut! Timberdoodle Review by The Adventures of Bear

We love that once the images are cut, there is some more interaction with the pieces (after you cut out a flower, you glue it to a stem; after you cut out the caterpillar's legs, you can make it walk and play with it, etc.).

Timberdoodle Review: I Can Trace! by Mama Smiles =)

The book features numbers, letters, and a few other tracing activities that are perfect for children just getting started out with writing.

Sea Turtle~Timberdoodle Review by My Life on a Taffy Pull

Officially it’s called Educo Colorback Sea Turtle Bead Maze. I think that’s a wordy title, but it’s sure a fun learning toy. It’s made with the kind of quality and care that makes it a treasure that can be passed down through all the 2-7 years that grow up...

Fun things for Homeschool – Thinking Putty Review by Joy Filled Days

It keeps her moving in a controlled way during listening times, like family read aloud time or during educational movies. ... You can squish it, bounce it, pull it apart, etc…and it doesn’t dry out or stick to clothes.

Purpllinker Review by Live, Learn, Love

I like the portability of the Purpllinker and the imaginative fun it can produce.

WonderMaps!! by Bacon Tidbits

This is a resource we will use for years to come and are so thankful to have the chance to review and own WonderMaps.

Timberdoodle Sign About Books by Homedaze

We have had so much fun teaching the youngest member of our household new signs that the older girls can frequently be found reading the books and practicing their signs. It is truly a family affair!
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