0-2 Years

Timberdoodle Review: I Can Trace! by Mama Smiles =)

The book features numbers, letters, and a few other tracing activities that are perfect for children just getting started out with writing.

Timberdoodle Sign About Books by Homedaze

We have had so much fun teaching the youngest member of our household new signs that the older girls can frequently be found reading the books and practicing their signs. It is truly a family affair!

Buddy Blocks from Timberdoodle Review by Chasing Supermom

These are such great toys for children to begin to develop their hand-eye coordination, critical thinking skills, pattern recognition, and other fine motor movements.

Review: Rubbabu Bubble Ball {Timberdoodle} by Books and Bairns

This ball is not only cool to look at, but it adds new layers to simple ball fun. Because of the funky, bubbly shape, it rolls and weaves in all directions when dropped or rolled.

Fun For Baby Gym Board Books by Crafts-N-Things for children

The Baby Gym Board Books feature short songs, movements, and activities. From tickling to bouncing to swaying, Baby Sister is loving all of it!
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Bumpie Gertie Ball {Review} by A Baker’s Dozen

It is perfect for little hands to grab, soft enough to throw in the living room with no harm and best of all, is odorless.