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Blog Anything!
Do you have a Timberdoodle-approved blog? Simply review any of our current items on your blog and receive credit toward your new Timberdoodle purchase! That’s right, ANY item! Plus, the bigger your blog, the more credit you’ll get!

Lots of Doodle Dollars
We want to give you $10 for every 500 followers you have, so if your blog has 1500 followers, you’ll get the equivalent of a $30 Timberdoodle credit for each item you review!

Before You Blog
Make sure you understand these rules so that we don’t have to disappoint you and refuse you credit after you’ve already spent time reviewing an item!

  • You Need to Have Purchased The Item From Us
    We love reviews of items you picked up free at the local homeschool curriculum sale, but unfortunately we only give you credit for items you purchased directly from us.
  • Your Review Needs to Link Only to Us
    It may seem obvious, but if you write about our product and then link to an affiliate program with a different company we simply cannot give you credit.
  • Your Review Must Be Quality Work
    You don’t need to love the product, or take studio pictures of it, but your pictures and writing need to be enough that others would be interested if it were a good fit for them.
  • Your Credit Will Be Given To You As Doodle Dollars
    Doodle Dollars are our online reward points that will enable you to take $ directly off your next online order. (See here for more details: ) You will need to have a login at to access and use your points.
  • We Want to Highlight Your Review
    At our discretion, we’ll feature your blog post/pictures on our Facebook pages, on the item itself and even on to increase your exposure. By submitting your review for Doodle Dollars you are giving us permission to do that.
  • It’s Our Choice
    We reserve the right to not credit you for a review for any reason.
  • Be Legal
    You probably are already aware of the laws regarding bloggers and product endorsements/reviews, but just in case you are not, I should mention that legally you need to somewhere mention that you received Timberdoodle credit in exchange for an honest review. Feel free to do that in your own words or use this sample disclosure:
    Legal Disclosure:
    As a member of Timberdoodle’s Blogger Review Team I received Reward Points in exchange for a frank and unbiased review.
  • Calculating Your Followers
    At this time we will count your followers from any single public source and round off to the nearest 100. (IE, your blog’s Facebook page, your feed subscribers…) Just let us know which source you would like us to count when you submit the form below.
  • Limits
    • The credit for your review will not exceed the cost of the item you’re reviewing. If you have enough followers, you could get the entire price you paid back as a credit! (So to be fair, items do need to be reviewed as purchased. If you bought the entire set, you can’t post a separate review for each item and get points, instead review the set itself.)
    • Because we know it takes time to write the quality of reviews we are looking for, we are asking that you not review for us more than every 2 weeks.
    • Reviews need to be completely new.
    • We will credit you for only one item per blog post, so if you have multiple items to review, we suggest posting the reviews separately.
    • While we allow occasional use of our photos as long as they link to us, we do not give credit for posts using only our pictures.

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