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A Timberdoodle is a rare game bird, and we are often asked how it became the name of a leading homeschool curriculum supplier. When Dan & Deb first married, they planned to breed Golden Retrievers and settled on Timberdoodle as the perfect business name. Golden Retriever in hand, they optimistically purchased a business license and proceeded to await the first puppies. Long story short, the Golden never cooperated and became simply a beloved family pet, while the business license collected dust.

Timberdoodle Family 1985 at the beach Timberdoodle Family 1985 The Timberdoodle Family in 1985 The Timberdoodle Family in 1985

By 1985, when few families had even heard of homeschooling, Dan and Deb had been blessed by 3 young daughters whom they were determined to teach at home.

Being a motivated learner herself, Deb investigated products and techniques in depth. As she discovered new and valuable tools she eagerly began using them. At Bible studies and ladies’ meetings other moms would ask her about the Cuisenaire Rods, Lauri Puzzles, and other tools, and then go out and purchase them. It didn’t take Deb long to realize that if she bought a case of a product she could resell it and not only save the other moms money but also supplement her family income. Over the next several years the business grew to fill a back room, then 2. The next door grandparents dedicated a portion of their basement to Timberdoodle and by the time Abel came along in 1988, the business was growing in earnest.

About a year later, Dan came home from his mill job to run Timberdoodle, and they broke ground on the first warehouse. In the 20 years since then God has really blessed Timberdoodle and we have added another warehouse as well as an office building. The family still lives on the property and each child has grown into taking on a major role for Timberdoodle, from curriculum coordinator to photographer to media relations.

Customer Comments:

Thank you so very kindly. We first ordered from your company over 12 years ago. My children have all graduated from high school, one from college and 2 others still attending. We have always enjoyed your items. My daughter’s major in college was in Art. After 5 years of college she still loves these pencils and your price was still the very best we could find. That made me very happy. I like supporting companies that make you feel like family.
(I look forward to ordering again, for our grandchildren.)

I just wanted to thank you for continuing and expanding your business. I homeschooled my children for about 20 years, and have seen many of my favorite sources disappear. But you have endured! Now, I look to you as my source for excellent information to pass on to my children as they consider choices for educating their own children. God Bless You!!!!
Shawn P. of Newton Falls, OH

Thank you so much! I placed an order 12 days ago and it arrived in one week. I ordered over the phone and spoke with Grace. She was so kind and courteous (this was really great for a mom of 7-still-at-home children at the end of a busy day)! We were so happy with our order, except that the pencil sharpener that we ordered had been broken during shipping. I called the next day, again speaking with Grace, and she was as bubbly and sweet as before. She said it would be replaced, and I should not worry about returning the broken one. Our new sharpener arrived today, in perfect condition, and it works great! Thank you so much for your outstanding and very friendly customer service. We look forward to many more years of doing business with Timberdoodle.
Karen K. of Tyler AL.

I just wanted to thank you for being such an awesome company! A fellow homeschooling friend of mine told me about your website a few months ago. I filed it away in my memory for future reference. After ordering a curriculum from another company and being unhappy with it, I decided to look at your website. I immediately wanted to order everything I saw! Everything looked so wonderful.
I made an order and have been SO pleased with everything we got, especially the Mystery of History, the graphic novels, Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space, and the Daily Geography books. My 6yo daughter especially enjoys doing Geography every day. She does a weeks worth every day because the questions are simple and fun!
Another great thing about you guys is how FAST you get your orders together and ship them! I just placed another order today and was thrilled to get an email a few hours later saying that it had shipped. With other companies it takes days to get the order out. I so appreciate your quick packing and shipping time! I am so looking forward to getting the books I ordered today as are my kids to get fun new books to learn from.
Thank you so much for being such a great company. God bless you!
Morgan G. of Lompoc, CA

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