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Gabreial Wyatt is a daughter of Christ, wife, mother of two sweet boys, a home educator, homemaker and writer. She is the Editor of Vintage Indie since its debut six years ago. She loves supporting the independent community of businesses, entrepreneurs and the like. Her personal passions include educating her children, organic and natural living, scouting antiques and vintage finds with her hubby as well as traveling with her family.

Why do you blog?
Vintage Indie started out as a love for all things vintage, vintage inspired and antique related. Being a mother and an entrepreneur herself, founding editor Gabreial Wyatt has a passion to support independent small businesses owners, artists and designers.
You’ll also find our love for home educating mixed throughout along with our passion for traveling and learning by seeing as well organic and whole living.

Do you have any home businesses?
See the blog.

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