Erika of Raising (& Teaching) Little Saints

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I have been casually blogging since 2009, when our homeschool journey began. I love to describe myself as “Former school teacher to 150, gone homeschooler to five and loving it!” I have multiple degrees in education: AA: Earlychildhood Ed. AS: Primary Adminstration BS: Primary Education BS: Elementary Education MS: Reading Education I left a career of 15 years to pursue my vocation as mother and teacher to the most important students I will ever teach, my beautiful children!

Why do you blog?
I blog because I love connecting with others. I started blogging to keep an online journal of sorts for myself of the places I visited and loved and to keep track of things. Also, since we have two laptops and three desktops at my home, I wanted a way that I could access information on our homeschool from anywhere. A blog provided that for me and then it blossomed. I blog almost daily but sometimes life happens and only weekly. 😉

Why do you homeschool?
Do you have all day? No, just kidding. Lets see, in a nutshell. I homeschool for two reasons. One, disatisfaction with the schools both public and private. As a previous school teacher myself, I could not understand why most of the people that were my children’s teacher went into the profession to begin with. I was a dedicated teacher and gave 150% mainly because it was more of a vocation to me than a job or career. The second reason was because I wanted to be home with my children to provide a rich life full of family love, quality education, a love for God, and a strong faith. In addition, it gave me the flexibility to slow down when they needed it or to move on when they just devoured the material. It is an amazing world but one that takes lots of dedication and persistance. 🙂 How it all began: Welcome Homeschoolers! Here is my most recent post about homeschooling:  Simple & Rich, all in one…Looking Back at our Homeschooling Journey.

Do you have any home businesses?
Chasing Castles in the Sky

What’s your favorite…
Color(s):  Red (any shade)
Books:  Anything by Scott Hahn or the classic theologians
Hobbies:  Digital scrapbooking & geneology
Dinner:  Mexican
Dessert:  Cheese Danish
Websites:  Anything homeschooling or creative like Confessions of a Homeschooler or CatholicIcing 🙂
Season:  Spring & Fall (a close tie)

What are your favorite posts, the ones most commented on or those that most tell your story?
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I also blog/review on another website, here are some of my reviews:  3 Boys and a Dog

What have you reviewed for Timberdoodle?
Timberdoodle Review: Primary Science Set {Learning Resources Kit}

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