Amber of The Fantastic Five

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I’m just a girl who dreamed of being a Wonder Woman one day, and from the looks of my life now, I think I achieved my goal! After receiving my undergrad in Teacher Education and my Master’s degree in Holistic Education, I served for six years in the public school system. I taught gifted students, ranging from Kindergarten-8th grade. I honestly believe God gave me all these opportunities to prepare me for the BEST job I’ve EVER had- a home schooling mother!

Why do you blog?
I blog to connect with others in my station of life, and to “scrapbook” all the happenings of our family. I would say I blog an average of 4 times as week.

Why do you homeschool?
I HONESTLY began homeschooling to change our family’s schedule to a lees hectic one- ESPECIALLY when it came to mornings. As I have continued on the homeschooling journey, my love for homeschooling has only deepened. I love how it offers our family stronger unity with God, each other, and our community.

What’s your favorite…
Color(s):  Red
Books:  To Kill a Mocking Bird; Cold Sassy Tree; Anything by Adriana Trigiani
Hobbies:  Blogging, Knitting, Crafting, Reading
Dinner:  My Daddy’s Fried Chicken!
Dessert:  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Websites:  There are too many to list!
Season:  Autumn

What are your favorite posts, the ones most commented on or those that most tell your story?
wiww:  The Storms of Life…and what I wear during them…
Lemonade Mouth Movie Premire
Calendar Time- Homeschool Syle

What have you reviewed for Timberdoodle?
Timberdoodle Review: A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers
Timberdoodle Review: A Kid’s Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the United States

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