Jessica of Orange Marmalade Mama

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Orange Marmalade Mama

Homeschooling mama to 5 blessings and helpmeet to my best friend!

Why do you blog?
My hope when I started my blog was to keep a journal of our homeschooling days, to give myself an outlet to “talk out” all the thoughts that are rambling around in my head and to offer encouragement to other homeschooling mama’s. I try to be “real” and own up to my struggles and trials to show others that it’s not always perfect or easy…but it is worth it!

Why do you homeschool?
The list is long and the longer we’ve homeschooled the more reasons we’ve come up with! Keeping our family connected, sharing our faith with our children and helping them succeed in whatever it is that God will call them to do!

Do you have any home businesses?
I do some designer diaper bags on the side and scrapbooking as my hobby.

What’s your favorite…
Dinner:  Anything Italian with a nice glass of Red wine!
Dessert:  Chocolate anything!
Season:  Spring and Fall

What are your favorite posts, the ones most commented on or those that most tell your story?
About Me
Weekly Wrap-Up – The One with More Snow!!

What have you reviewed for Timberdoodle?
B.Hugs Links – A Timberdoodle Review!
Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers (coming soon)

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