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Visual Latin DVD – Reviews

Platforms: DVD
Release Date: 2011
Genre(s): Latin
Publisher(s): Compass Cinema
Rating: 5

Visual Latin DVD – Reviews

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Timberdoodle Visual Latin Timberdoodle Visual Latin DVDs

Bring Latin into your child’s life!
Homeschool parents understand the edge that learning Latin will give to their children. But in the whirlwind of studying math, language arts, history and science, to say nothing of fixing nutritious meals and cleaning homes, Latin studies is one of the first things to go. Now it doesn’t have to be. Introducing Visual Latin, the exciting combination of short vibrant videos and appealing exercises designed to teach your children Latin.

Hear it, see it, speak it, write it, and think it!
Just load the Visual Latin DVD in the player, hit play and your child starts learning; nothing could be easier. Every Visual Latin lesson contains three parts: grammar, sentences, and reading, with the reading segment covering reading, comprehension, and translation… Read the rest of Timberdoodle’s review here.

1. Grammar – Being Verbs

2. Sentences – Being Verbs

3. Reading – Being Verbs

Why Study Latin?

Read what our reviewers thought:

Posted by Joy | 05 Sep 2011 | Products, Visual Latin

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Timberdoodle Visual Latin
Timberdoodle Visual Latin DVDs