Getting Started with Your Mommy Blog

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Getting Started with Your Mommy Blog

Some great tips from Challies on How To Start a Blog here which prompted me to ask what I would add to that list for beginning Mommy Bloggers. Here are the first 7 things that come to mind:

Why Are You Blogging?
Do you enjoy writing? Taking pictures? Will it be a helpful way for you to memorialize what God has done or a distraction from doing His work? Do you have a friend who can help you with tech questions? Make sure you know what you are getting into before you commit. Better yet, try it for 3 months then reevaluate!

Be Realistic
If blogging was the key to becoming a millionaire everyone would be swimming in money. It takes time and effort to develop a blog that ranks well, and even then there are no get-rich-quick schemes. If you doubt me just check with your favorite bloggers, there is no such thing as fast money here!

Think Through Security
Do you want pictures of your children online? Without them your blog will be very impersonal, but… How about your childrens’ names? Most of us would agree that our favorite blogs have lots of kid pictures and uses their first names, but is that best for your family? Plan to discuss this with your spouse early on in the process.

Don’t Go Crazy
If you’re doing things with your kids just so you can put them on your blog, why? Sometimes the blog can be the impetus that gets you moving in the direction you already wanted to go, that’s perfect. However, don’t let your blog take over your life; worshiping it will kill you and your relationships.

Make the Main Thing Obvious
On a practical note, we’ve all seen sites where it was hard to find the articles because of all the glitz and advertising along the side. Others have very tasteful ads that add to the blog rather than detract from it. Aim for the latter!

Have Fun!
You started out to keep in touch with Grandma, and now you are also connecting with fellow bloggers around the world, step back and marvel about that on occasion!

Don’t Stop Learning
RSS Feeds, blog buttons, site hosting, picture editing… There is a lot to learn out there. As a business blogger I am constantly learning new tips, discovering ways to make blogging easier and stretching my brain until it hurts. This is a good thing! Don’t overwhelm yourself with things you ‘ought’ to be doing, but somewhere start a list of things you’d like to learn and try to set aside a regular time to do that. Once a month, twice a year, every Friday, it will depend on your schedule, but learning will not only improve your blog it will also keep the process as fun for you as when you first started.

Especially Learn Photography
A Mommy blog relies heavily on photos, so invest time here. Whatever can you learn about lighting, composition and editing will have a big impact on the professionalism of your blog.

There is much more that could be said here, but I’ll stop there for now! What would you add?

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