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Debbie's Homeschool Corner

I have three grown (or almost grown) children. Only my youngest, age 10, is still at home and I am thankful for the opportunity to home school her. I am a speech pathologist who occasionally does speech therapy at my home and have written “Super Star Speech” books to help parents work with their children’s speech errors at home. I sing in our church’s praise band and teach children’s choir at church.

Why do you homeschool?
I want to have the greatest influence on my children and teach them my values. I also feel that they get a better education at home. And I would miss them if they were gone all day!

Why do you blog?
I started blogging to write product reviews for homeschoolers. Additionally, I write about what we are doing in our home school and post family photos.

Do you have a home business or hobby?
I am a speech pathologist and have written a series of “Super Star Speech” books that teach parents to work with their children’s articulation errors at home. I also design educational games for homeschoolers that are sold in e-book form at Currclick.

Debbie of Debbie's Homeschool CornerWhat’s your favorite…
Color(s): blue
Books: anything by Karen Kingsbury, insirational fiction and non-fiction
Hobbies: reading
Dessert: cheesecake, ice cream
Season: summer

What are your favorite posts, the ones most commented on or those that most tell your story?
Snowed In!
Christmas Day
Fun with Simple Machines

What have you reviewed for Timberdoodle?
A Kid’s Guide to Drawing the Presidents of the USA
Mind Benders A3

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  1. Rafa
    20 Aug 2012, 8:12 pm

    The,”Mathematical Reasoning” looks really fun and good idea about the page proeocttrs…I like some of the other ideas that were discussed to on about using proeocttrs, I think it was report covers with the back binders on them for a little extra sturdiness. Timberdoodle seems to have some really inexpensive curriculum for use!

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