Baby + Toddler Timberdoodle Curriculum Kit Reviews

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2011 Timberdoodle Baby Curriculum

Baby Curriculum 0-18 months

So did you cringe when you read the name of this review? Don’t worry; we aren’t trying to advocate being a tiger mother! Our perspective is that since all little ones are wired for learning, why not play games, sing songs and do things that will build their brain and your relationship? Maybe this comes naturally to you and you’ve already accumulated the best toys/tools from your first few children, if so this kit probably isn’t for you! But we’ve all seen new moms who want to enjoy their babies, yet aren’t really sure what to do with them once they are fed and changed. We think these kits will get them going. Or perhaps your wee one has older siblings who would love to get to teach baby something, or you would like an easy way to ensure that baby receives focused time just like the rest of the little learners. Again, the point is to love on the baby/toddler and cultivate an enthusiasm for learning; this is an absolutely amazing age!

Why We Do Curriculum Kits
As you know, Timberdoodle has been meeting the needs of home educators since 1985. However, it is only in the past few years that we started offering complete curriculum kits, finally realizing that new homeschoolers often like to start with a curriculum package the first year. It lets them relax knowing that everything is covered, and get their feet wet with a complete plan in place. Since our goal is to help parents teach their children at home, offering curriculum packages was a natural outflow of this. (You can read more or watch our video here)

2011 Timberdoodle Toddler Curriculum

Toddler Curriculum 18 months - 3 years

Babies and Toddlers
Since helping parents teach their kids is our goal, it also makes sense to start with the little ones. We aren’t ever going to be advocating for forced baby geniuses and hours spent at a desk from the time your child can sit. Instead, we want parents and their little ones to get a taste for the joy of learning early, in the natural environment of daily life. In that attempt, we have assembled the best tools we can find into kits for your wee one. In our opinion the best toys are not just toys, but are the safest, sturdiest, most educational tools, you can find, with the final test being whether they are still actually fun for you and your little one. One of the most little known facts on these kits though is that every item is completely reusable (with the obvious exception of the toddler workbooks) so a parent can use it with all of their children, and then pass it on for the grandchildren or to the church nursery!

The Planning Folders
These serve a few different purposes. First, they give mom something to show dad so that he can get a quick overview of what he bought and why. 🙂 Second, they give you some of the reasons we’ve included each item, and an assortment of ideas for using them. Third, the checklist gives you an easy way to keep track of what you and Junior have done this week, without juggling a formal schedule or having to remember what you did Monday and what was last week. Fourth, we’ve included some of the articles our customers have found most helpful through the years, for those new parents or new homeschoolers who may not have seen the articles on our blog.
Read the full contents of the Baby Planning Folder here as a PDF.
Read the full contents of the Toddler Planning Folder here as a PDF.

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