April of Eclectic Montage

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April is the helpmate to Scott and blessed mother of four beautiful children ranging in age from 20 to 11: one girl and three boys. She teaches English online to university students and homeschools her two youngest boys. They make their home in North Carolina where April enjoys reading, cooking, travel, playing disc golf with family, and napping. Her blog, Heartfelt Homeschooling, covers all things homeschool – the joys, the troubles and everything in between.

Why do you homeschool?
We homeschool because I saw an opportunity to foster greater critical thinking and creativity in my boys than what they were getting in the public school environment.

April of Heartfelt HomeschoolingWhat’s your favorite…
Color(s): Blue, yellow
Books: Non-fiction, religious, classics
Hobbies: disc golf, geocaching, travel, cooking
Dinner: Salmon
Dessert: Flan
Websites: I’m a big time web surfer
Season: Fall or spring

Why do you blog?
I love to write. I’m an English teacher who, until I started blogging, spent more time grading writing than actually doing it. I blog about four times a week, at least. It’s a fun way to get my thoughts out.

What are your favorite posts, the ones most commented on or those that most tell your story?
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What have you reviewed for Timberdoodle?
Editor in Chief C1
Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Figural
Visual Latin
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