Kimberly of Raising Olives

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Raising Olives

Kimberly of Raising Olives

My name is Kimberly and I have been married to Mark for 15 years. Together we parent and home educate our 10 children.

Our primary goal in life is to glorify God and to raise our children to do the same. To that purpose, we attempt to examine every decision that we make in light of God’s word, so many of the decisions that we make seem strange to the world and we are good with that.

As a second generation homeschooler (read about how cancer influenced my parent’s decision to homeschool) and a mother of many, I get a lot of questions about parenting, home making and homeschooling. Answering those questions, letting others know that they are not alone and sharing the joy and peace that we have found in the midst of our large, homeschooling family is the purpose of Raising Olives.

Being a mom of many and living on one income necessitates a bit of money saving know-how. I’ve talked about how we feed our family on a budget , shared some of my tips for shopping at yard sales and shown how we decorated the boy’s room on the cheap(Read more about Kimberly here at Raising

Why do you homeschool?
As I mentioned in my first post about why we homeschool, our reasons are deep seated and diverse. In order to adequately explain why we homeschool I want to explain some of our goals for our family and our children.

Our primary goal for our children is for them to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. A solid education is a means to accomplish our goal, but it is not our goal.  So while we do believe that it is important to be able to read and write and be otherwise “well educated” it is not our primary goal.

For example, if one of our children had an IQ off the charts, was able to read Plato, Aristotle and both the Old and New Testaments in the original languages, memorized the Bible and became a beloved world leader who brought peace to our world, but did not know and serve the living and true God, we as parents would have failed to accomplish our goal. On the other hand, if for some reason, one of our children was never able to read or write and yet loved and served God and applied His Word to all aspects of life then we have succeeded as parents.

Let me be clear, we do believe that a solid education is important for our children… (read the rest here.)

How Many Children Do You Have?

What’s your favorite…
Books: Far from the Madding Crowd
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, hiking and blogging
Dessert: Ice Cream
Websites: Life In a Shoe and Large Family Logistics
Season: Fall

Why do you blog?
I began blogging to answer some of the many questions that people asked us about homeschooling, managing our home and raising a larger than average family.

What are your favorite posts, the ones most commented on or those that most tell your story?

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What have you reviewed for Timberdoodle?

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