Solitaire Chess by Thinkfun

Solitaire Chess Reviews

Release Date: 2010
Genre(s): Game
Publisher(s): ThinkFun
Rating: 5

Solitaire Chess Reviews

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Chess_05 (from My Life on a Taffy Pull) Chess_06 (from My Life on a Taffy Pull) Chess_08 (from My Life on a Taffy Pull)

Sharpen Your Skills with Solitaire Chess
If you want to sharpen your chess skills but all your friends are chess connoisseurs, ThinkFun Solitaire Chess was made for you. You must eliminate all of the pieces from the game board except one, using only traditional chess moves… Read the rest of Timberdoodle’s Review

5 star review Solitaire Chess-Review
Timberdoodle recently sent me this cool chess game. The great thing about this game is that it can be played independently! Even though we have a big family, there’s not always someone available to play a game!
Read the rest of Carissa’s review from My Life on a Taffy Pull

Solitaire Chess Ad

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Posted by Joy | 11 Jan 2011 | Games, Logic, Products, Single Player, ThinkFun, Thinking Skills

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Chess_08 from My Life on a Taffy Pull
Chess from My Life on a Taffy Pull